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Clean & Jerk Complex (10 Min. EMOM, 1 Complex Every Minute)

Bar Can’t Be Dropped Until Jerk is completed:


-Hang Clean

**Cleans can be power or squat**

**Pick a challenging weight and stick with it for all 10 complexes.**

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Death by Burpees!

1 on the 1st Min.

2 on the 2nd Min.

3 on the 3rd Min. Etc…..

-Go until you can’t get them all in the minute. –
**Score is the last round you were able to fully complete. If you can’t keep up early on, just take a minute off and start back again at 5 to get some work in…..try and do that until you have been working 20 minutes**

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