CrossFit – Wed, Mar 20

CrossFit Wreckage – CrossFit

Murph Prep (Partner WOD) (Time)

400 meter run (together)

50 Pull-ups

100 Push-ups

150 Air Squats

400 meter run (together)

40 Pull-ups

80 Push-ups

120 Air Squats

400 meter run (together)

30 Pull-ups

60 Push-ups

90 Air Squats

400 meter run (together)

*40 minute Time Cap

Rx+: Wear 20/14# weight vest
*Partners run together

*Everything else done with one partner working and one resting (split as desired)

*Cannot begin pull-ups until both partners are back from run

*row and ski equivalent is 500 m, bike equivalent is 0.75 miles

Accessory Work (optional)

Take 10-15 minutes to practice something you are bad at and want to get better at