CrossFit – Fri, Feb 2

CrossFit Wreckage – CrossFit

Push Jerk (7 x 3 @ 75-85% of 1 RM)

Good Lord Lifts me Higher (4 Rounds for reps)

25 min EMOM:

M1: 10-20 T2B or Toes 2 Rings (a # you can hold for whole EMOM)

M2: 5 Clean and Jerks @ 65-75% of 1 RM

M3: 4-8 Burpee Box Get Overs (48”)

M4: 12-18/9-14 Calorie Machine (push for more cals than you normally would)


*Log your lowest # of reps performed for each movement
You will get 1 min of REST on every 5th minute, so push hard the other 4 minutes

*Push for more cals than you normally would on the machines

*Work on stringing some T2B or T2R

*Be efficient with your BBGO and do a # you can maintain each time

*Smooth singles on C&J

Accessory Work (optional)

Skill Work:

Every 2 minutes x 5 rounds (10:00):

20 Sit ups or GHDs


Max distance HSW, HSW practice, or max effort HS hold in time remaining