CF-L2 Trainer
DYLAN BURLESON CrossFit Fitness Trainer At Gym In Mt Holly, North Carolina

Doctor of Physical Therapy.

I’m Dylan and I was born and raised here in Gaston County. CrossFit has been a major part of my life since 2016 and I have been coaching at Wreckage since 2018. I grew up playing many sports including baseball, which was my passion. I have always considered myself a competitor and when my playing days were over I knew I needed to find something to get that daily dose of competition, teamwork, and camaraderie back in my life. I found all of this and more with CrossFit. In my opinion, nothing compares to it. The constantly varied functional movements that we get to do day in and day out truly prepare us for nearly everything life has to throw at us!

We all have our “why”…mine is my family. I am a husband to my wife Aerial, a dad to my daughter Harper and soon to be second daughter coming later this year. I love my family, I love my dogs, and I love being active. CrossFit is a huge part of helping me be my best self and this Wreckage family is just awesome.